Break the Chain Teen Prevention Program

Break the Chain teen prevention group will be begin February 23, 2023

This group will cover several topics in 12 sessions. This will be provided in 6 week class cycles. Mondays and Thursdays 7-8 pm.

SLPC requires 8 out 12 sessions minimun to graduate from program. If there are less than 5 participants, group will be cancelled- it is vital to have 5 participants to proceed. Check updated schedule here.

Please contact the office with any questions.

Panel Duty Credit

If you are assigned Panel Duty, you can attend Panel Duty then go upstairs to the second floor and attend the group. This will provide you full credit for the day. If there are less than 5 participants then the group will be cancelled

Mary Smith from Salt Lake County Youth Services is the instructor.

Salt Lake County Youth Services offers additional resources and programs. For attendance, they have incentives separate from SLPC. Find out more on their website: