Make a Referral

Salt Lake Peer Court works closely with the Salt Lake City School District, the Salt Lake City Police Department, and the Utah Transit Authority. We are able to hear cases of elementary, middle, and high school students for status offenses and infractions, as well as offenses that would be misdemeanors if sent to Juvenile Court. We accept referrals from a wide variety of sources including: schools, law enforcement, and parents/guardians.

Offenses appropriate for referral to Salt Lake Peer Court include (Note this is not an exhaustive list):

-Alcohol (possession, consumption and/or purchase)

-Assault (minor)


-Criminal Mischief

-Disorderly Conduct

-Fare Evasion (UTA)









-Other (If you’d like to make a referral for an offense that isn’t listed please contact the SLPC office.)

*SLPC does accept referrals for truancy however we’re in the process of coordinating a new approach with Student Services through SLCSD. Please submit truancy referrals and SLPC staff will follow up with you.

Make a Referral