Program Director- Jenny Sanchez

Jenny Sanchez has been a part of Salt Lake Peer Court  since October 2014. She took over as Program Director in January 2017. Jenny graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2016. Jenny has previously volunteered as a Student Tutor at East High School and has worked closely with Gear Up- a program for students that are looking to succeed in post secondary education. She has been an interpreter since 2006  and has worked with the Hispanic community for over a decade. Jenny is exited to be part of Peer Court as the Program Director and is eager to work with youth and families in the community. Jenny can be reached at


Program Coordinator- Beatriz Herrera             

Beatriz Herrera has been with Salt Lake Peer Court as the Program Coordinator since February 2017. Beatriz graduated from Utah Valley University with her Bachelor of Psychology in 2019. During her time in college, she volunteered at domestic violence shelters. She has continued to serve her community as a Victim’s Advocate. She provides court advocacy and resources in city. She hopes to bridge the gap in the criminal justice system. Beatriz can be reached at