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Salt Lake Peer Court made the news on Friday, August 22nd for our Restorative Justice Day. Check out the awesome clip here:

Teenagers Serve as Judge and Jury for Peers

Thanks to Chris Miller for the great story!

Restorative Justice Day


Salt Lake Peer Court is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Sorenson Unity Center to host “Restorative Justice Day,” on Friday, August 22nd at the Sorenson Unity Center (1383 S 900 W) from 8:30am – 4:00pm. This purpose of this free public event is to teach the community about restorative justice.

Salt Lake Peer Court and the SorensonUnityCenter will kick off the event with a panel discussion on Restorative Justice between Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, Salt Lake City Police Department’s Chief Burbank, and the S.J. Quinney College of Law’s Public Policy Practicum Professor Emily Chiang. Mediated by University of Utah Gender Studies Professor Cathleen Powers, this discussion will focus on restorative justice as it relates to juveniles.

This is the fifth and final day of mandatory training for all of Salt Lake Peer Court’s 100+ high school volunteers. These volunteers serve as panelists officiating restorative justice hearings at the Matheson Courthouse over the course of the school year. Every high school panelist also serves as a mentor for referred youth offenders – tutoring youth offenders with school work, encouraging them to complete their dispositions (sentences), and acting as a positive peer role model.

After the panel discussion, Salt Lake Peer Court and the SorensonUnityCenter will lead five breakout sessions aimed at explaining how youth offenders who are sent to Salt Lake Peer Court can complete their court-ordered disposition at the SorensonUnityCenter. The SorensonUnityCenter offers an array of fun and educational after-school programs that help kids build new skills in a positive and supportive environment. Each breakout session will include an educational activity followed by a group discussion about how that activity could play a crucial role in rehabilitating youth offenders by teaching them the three pillars of restorative justice: accountability, skill development, and community connection.

The day will end with two mock hearings of Salt Lake Peer Court’s restorative justice youth court. Conducted entirely by high school aged volunteers, this mock hearing will give the community a snapshot of how Salt Lake Peer Court’s restorative justice model works.

Salt Lake Peer Court is a certified youth court in the state of Utah that has successfully been handling minor offenses (class B and C misdemeanors) like truancy, fighting, vandalism, and theft for 21 years. Supported by the Salt Lake CitySchool District and the Salt Lake City Police Department, SLPC successfully reduces the rate of recidivism among juvenile youth offenders while increasing their rate of attendance and graduation.

For questions about the Restorative Justice Day, please contact SLPC Director Tyler Bugden at slpcourt@xmission.com or 801-322-1815.




News & Events

Our Spring Newsletter is hot off the press!!! Click here to download a copy!

Our third quarter report on hearings, referrals, and income surveys for Peer Court families can be found here: Third Quarter Report 13-14 FY

The Deseret News published an article about Salt Lake Peer Court on Sunday, March 23rd. The article includes some great photos from the the Bicycle Collective, the Wasatch Community Gardens, and the Youth ARC. Check out the article here!

Salt Lake Peer Court works in the Youth Garden at Wasatch Community Gardens.

Salt Lake Peer Court works in the Youth Garden at Wasatch Community Gardens.

The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective's work space.

The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective’s work space.

Salt Lake Peer Court's Youth ARC students learn to make stickers!

Salt Lake Peer Court’s Youth ARC students learn to make stickers!



This spring, youth offenders will be able to complete one of their disposition requirements by building a bike, creating art, or working at a local community garden. Our partnerships with the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, the ArtsBridge Program (The Youth ARC), and the Wasatch Community Gardens are all part of our campaign to develop disposition options that focus on positive youth development.